Frequently Asked Questions

How many ticket types can I list?

For each event you are able to list up to 5 ticket tiers. Example, General tickets, VIP Tickets etc …

Can I upgrade my Package?

Apsession gives you ALL our premium features for one flat rate. That means there is no higher tier package to upgrade to.

What fees are associated with selling tickets?

When you sell your event ticket on Apsession, a service fee is applied to each ticket sold. Our payment processor also applies a fee for processing debit and credit card transactions. Both service fee and payment processing fee are applicable to each transaction.

Does pricing differ by location?

Apsession applies the most competitive service fees and payment processing fees based on your region.

How can I track ticket sales for my event?

Each time a ticket is sold via any of our channels, an email is sent to you automatically to notify you of the transaction. You can also log into our  Sales tracking dashboard to view  individual transactions , earnings, deductions and much more. 

How soon will I Get get paid ?

Apsession will remit moneys collected for ticket sales, less applicable fees within five (5) working days after the event has taken place.